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From An Experienced, Ethical Breeder Of Award-Winning Dogs

If you plan to buy a German Rottweiler puppy, plan to be fussy. Whether your new puppy is destined to be family pet, show dog or a working dog, it will be a part of your life for a long time.

So, start by selecting a German Rottweiler breeder with a deep commitment to the breed and to customer service.

At PrinceHaus Rottweilers, we treat our interactions with you as part of an ongoing relationship, not just a sales transaction. We insist on speaking with you personally about our dogs. Because matching you up with the right Rottweiler puppy ensures you are happy and excited about the adventure you're embarking upon together.


We currently DO NOT have any puppies available. We do, however have a waiting list for future puppies and are accepting deposits to be put on the waiting list. 


The PrinceHaus Pedigree:

• 20 years experience as a German Rottweiler breeder. (Learn more about us)
• Some of the best German Rottweiler bloodlines in the world.
• Breeding stock certified free of hip and elbow dysplasia.
• Rottweilers with many show and working titles.
• Many Schutzhund titled females
• Females bred only to world-class stud dogs with superior temperaments and conformation.

• German Rottweiler puppies socialized with regular contact from children, adults and other animals.
• Dogs kept in top condition with a training program that challenges them physically and mentally.
• Dogs fed a specialized diet which includes various raw meat products.

Our state-of-the-art facility was custom designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for the dogs with:

o Heated kennels and dog houses
o Fully lit training field
o Climate controlled whelping room with air purifiers
o Fiberglass whelping boxes made to our specifications
o Baby/Puppy incubators
o Hospital standards of cleanliness

All these factors contribute to German Rottweiler puppies with superior genetics, outstanding temperaments and proper socialization. Your PrinceHaus puppy will be a well-adjusted, healthy companion for life.

Learn about our current and upcoming litters of German Rottweiler puppies. Then contact us to reserve one:

  US: 239-963-4399
International: 001-239-963-4399
(Hablamos Espaņol)

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